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    Legal Notice

    This website is owned by Ko Yo ecological Agro-tech (Group) Ltd (hereafter called Ko Yo Group), by opening this website, please read following terms and conditions carefully before browsing our website any further.

    The materials, information and other contents are provided by Ko Yo Group in this website, by opening, reading, downloading and using any contents in this website, you agree to and are bounded to following terms and conditions, and mean reaching an agreement between you and Ko Yo Group, otherwise please not opening our website. Ko Yo Group reserves the rights to updated and amend the terms and conditions without notice, any amendments to the terms and conditions are also restraining to you.

    Right Declaration

    The ownership, copyright and other rights of the materials, information, page-device, picture/pattern, proceeding, audio, program shown in this website are owned and reserved by Ko Yo Group and protected by the <General principle of the civil laws of The People’s Republic of China> < copyright law of The People’s Republic of China>< Law of the People’s Republic of China for Countering Unfair Competition> and other laws, regulations, the rules of laws and related international legislations. Any reproduction, distribution and transfer or storage of a part or all of the contents in any form without prior permission of Ko Yo Group is strictly prohibited and may take civil and governmental tort liability or criminal responsibility.

    All the contents in relation to the possible or estimated future achievement, costs, dividends, income, production capacity or production efficiency, prices, storage, Ko Yo Group’s development, the growth rate and trend of industry, as well as co-efficiency from mergence or estimated return are prospective, with certain risks and inaccurate. The actual outcome and program may have difference with the prescription above.


    Ko Yo Group try best efforts to examine the contents released in this website, but not warrant expressly or impliedly in any form that the contents are correct, timely, effective, reliable, feasible and infringement. Making no sure that the steadiness of servers and you can browse, read, re-produce and use our website in any time. Also not warrant the integrity and accurate to contents in terms of words, pattern, materials, linkage, instruction and explanation as well as the inaccurate of print, reproduction and typewriting. The “website operator” reserves the right to change and revise the contents in website without prior notice.

    Either by contract lawsuit, infringement action or other litigation reason, this website will not take any responsibility to the direct, indirect and incidental damage (including but not limited to the profit loss, data misplacement and property damage) to third parties when opening or being unable to open this website.

    As a convenience for all the users, this website may include links to other third-party sites on the internet, when linking to such a third-party site that is beyond our control and take as not link via our website. We recommend you to carefully read all the terms and conditions concerning the use of these third-party sites before browsing them any further. This website will not be responsible for any contents to and from these third-party sites.

    By submitting material to Ko Yo Group for example via e-mail or through our website, you agree that the material you sent is not illegal, and it is not including anything unfit for publication and that Ko Yo Group has right to publish it. You also agree that the material is owned by you or you have otherwise the right to give it to Ko Yo Group and you have used reasonable efforts to make sure that it does not contain any viruses or other harmful destructive features.

    Privacy Protection

    We respect the privacy of users and not collect such information without prior users agreeing on it. We promise not provide the e-mail address, information and physical address of users that are obtain via our server to third parties without users allowed.


    The termination will be effect when any party put forward to, or, in any circumstance, when you destroy the software, documents and all materials obtained or downloaded on this website.


    Any lawsuit or dispute occurred by this using, this website will applied to the laws of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), when any terms and conditions become illegal due to the change of the laws of the PRC, both parties agree to revise above terms and conditions accordingly by Ko Yo Group.

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